Posted this before? Don’t care.

This is for you.


Marching Band Challenge - Day one.

Swear I can do this one. I GOT THIS.

What instrument do you play?

I love this one. Most basic, already wrote a great post on it, but I play the tuba. I’ve also taken piano, violin and flute lessons. Tried to teach myself guitar once…

But anyway, back in my hometown, I called myself “Tuba Queen,” which I’ve been too afraid to admit in college up until now. I was the only female tuba player, and wore that banner with pride for as long as possible. <3

Not to say that the other lady tubas, (Amazons,) aren’t amazing. Strong, beautiful women, all of them.


Ben Konstantinovic — his music has made me cry in the past. I love sharing this man’s music with other people, because he’s just such an amazing musician. I don’t know a lot about him, but I would imagine that because the person who posted this video (TomSka) is in England, that’s where he’s from as well.

Once again, I really don’t know.

I/You should look him up. <3


Posted by Chris “Bing” Bingham on YouTube.

Absolutely beautiful music. I don’t know if it’s for everyone, but I thought the style was interesting and the voice was attractive. The lyrics reached out to me while I was figuring out life while between my homes in Alamogordo and Las Cruces.

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